Robyn Benson, PSAC

Sniffing the winds of change


The departure of the undistinguished Harper minister, Peter MacKay, is another welcome sign that the people of Canada are about to bring in serious regime change this October. Who, after all, can gauge the wind better than a government front-bencher?

In fact, more than two dozen Conservatives, including several other Ministers, have announced they won’t be running again either.

Then there was the Orange Chinook in what has always been assumed to be Canada’s most conservative province. The NDP not only won in Alberta, but won decisively.

Two of our own former PSAC members join the Notley team in the Alberta legislature: Maria Fitzpatrick, who once served as Regional Executive Vice President for the National Capital Region—and Oneil Carlier, former Agriculture Union activist, PSAC regional rep and now a Minister in Notley’s new Cabinet.

I’m proud of them and wish them well. (I wish the same for seasoned PSAC activists Betty Bannon, Jason McMichael and David Shepherd, running for the NDP federally this year.)

And the polls! My goodness, the polls, with the NDP tied or leading across the country.

People are obviously fed up with the Harper government, and with good reason. There’s something about it for nearly everyone to dislike. Whether it’s anti-labour legislation, ongoing bad-faith bargaining, muzzling scientists, mistreatment of our veterans, stamping out democratic dissent, removing vital environmental protections, or endless political scandals, our country has been in irresponsible, dangerous hands for nearly a decade.

Canadians want their country back.

Our recent Convention unanimously endorsed a resolution to support the removal of the Harper Conservatives this Fall. Our members will vote for whom they choose, of course, but I suspect most of them have little love for a government that has demeaned them, lowered health and safety standards in the workplace, laid off thousands of their fellow workers, and is presently trying to roll back their sick leave.

So there’s real cause for optimism at last. I, like so many others, including a lot of fleeing Conservative MPs, can sense that change is in the wind. And for me, at least, that wind has a delightful orange scent.

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