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Time to rock and roll

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Our Triennial Convention, the supreme governing body of the PSAC, has met and set our course for the next three years. I am sincerely grateful for the trust that the delegates have placed in me and National Executive Vice President Chris Aylward to continue in our roles to ensure we grow and strengthen our Union.

This was one of the best conventions that I can remember, and I’ve been around a while. The delegates were serious and committed. Many were new. The level of debate was high, respectful, and civil. Issues, not personalities, dominated these discussions.

A number of important resolutions were passed. Our budget was set for the next three years. We threw our support behind a national child care campaign, and stood in solidarity with our Aboriginal sisters to demand a federal government inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women. Over $100,000 was pledged to help our brothers and sisters working for the town of Hay River, NWT, on strike for more than three months.

Now we must move forward into action. The next few months will be key. Because, make no mistake, if the present government is re-elected, the attacks on workers and citizens will intensify.

At the beginning of the Convention, delegates voted unanimously to put $5 million from union reserves into the most important campaign the PSAC has ever undertaken.

The debate on the Emergency Resolution was clear. Delegates were of the same mind. They supported the key messages, the call to action, and the funds to make it real. The resolution was a re-dedication to the fight that lies before us.

Our rights as a Union are at stake. As I said before Convention began, if there was ever a time to stand up, that time has come.

Now Convention has taken that stand, without a single dissenting voice.

We must defend our fundamental collective bargaining rights, and by “we” I mean all of us, leaders, activists, rank and file members. We need one voice, and we need actions in the workplaces, in the regions, and all across the country to demonstrate our solidarity and our commitment to Canadian values of fairness and respect. Together, we must say No, and we must show No.

No to the anti-labour legislation that the Conservatives have made a key element of their rule. No to taking away our sick leave by more legislation, while pretending to negotiate. No to destroying our environment, attacking human rights, and muzzling the opposition.

No to the Harper government.

We need a change. A new, positive direction for our country. One where the rights of workers and unions are respected. One where human rights are upheld. One where public services are fully restored and accessible to all citizens.

We have only a short time before the October federal election, and there’s a big choice in front of Canadians. The PSAC is ready and able to play its part, and if Convention is any indication—we will!

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