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The Wayward Senators: the series


This segment of the popular long-running Senate soap opera is a bit like watching kids in a nursery school:

Pammy: OK, I have the cookie. Here it is back. But it’s not fair!

Teacher: We followed the cookie crumbs right to you, but a lot of them were missing.

Pammy: Davie said I could get wid of the cwumbs.

Davie: Did not! Only the iwwelevant cwumbs.

Teacher: Off you go to the principal’s office, Pammie.

Some Honourable Toddlers: Now you’re going to get it!

The Deloitte report on Senator Pamela Wallin’s huge Senate expense bill is out. Senators Wallin and David Tkachuk are now flatly contradicting each other over the records she altered. The forensic auditors are unhappy. Senators, their august institution already under the glare of a thousand unwelcome spotlights, are unhappy, too. A whack of money, improperly spent, will be paid back by Wallin, who, guaranteed, will be gnashing her teeth as she does so.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Senator Mike Duffy had Stephen Harper’s then right-hand man, Nigel Wright, cut him a cheque, but now may be facing criminal charges as the outcome of an RCMP investigation. Two others with questionable housing allowance claims (Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau) have lawyered up. The RCMP has shown considerable interest in them, too. In fact, the Brazeau investigation has now broadened to include personal income tax filings.

What an upstanding collection of sober second thinkers.

Will Duffy, Brazeau and Harb actually get charged with anything? And will Senator Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu marry the girl? Wallin’s file has now been forwarded by the Senate to the RCMP as well. Don’t hold your breath on that one: unlike for us little people, paying back what she improperly took in the first place may be enough to bring closure.

But stay tuned, folks, and make plenty of popcorn.

[Photo of Pamela Wallin, who hosted the Canadian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” in 2000. Via Dan Gardner]

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