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Yesterday I let fly at Treasury Board President Tony Clement, the media, and a professor for good measure, on the subject of annual performance reviews, or as they are called in the federal public service—yes, we really do have ‘em—Performance Review and Employee Appraisals (PREAs).

Reading the article at this link, and this one, I learned to my mounting horror that there was no employee evaluation system in place for public workers until Clement came along; that not enough of those workers are being fired for incompetence because, well, he just knows, is all; and that unions have no business defending their members. I thought I’d stumbled into a parallel universe for a moment.

But it was just Harper’s World. Another day, another bizarre go at the federal public sector.

So I was irritated, and I guess it showed. It’s rare, at least in my experience, for such easily-challenged assertions of fact to be greeted so uncritically by the media. I mean, come on. I almost lost my trademark sense of humour.

But “almost” is, thankfully, the key word. And so today it’s time for a little fun, even if this latest attack on federal public workers and their unions is, as noted, no laughing matter.

We invite readers, whether union or non-union, federal public sector or not, to tell us your worst/funniest/most surreal performance appraisal story. We know there’s a healthy supply of them out there. We could tell some ourselves, but this contest is closed to union officials and staff. So leave yours here in the comment section, and take all the space you need.

Next week a panel of distinguished, impartial judge will select the two best entries. I’ll share with you some of the feedback, and I’ll award the top two a $50 gift certificate for iTunes, Amazon Play or BlackBerry.

“Why are our dues going to…” Stop right there. This is personal money, bucks I’ll gladly spend for a few good tales. Heck, wouldn’t you?

The floor is open.

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