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A tale of two leaders

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This coming weekend will be a political milestone in several ways. I will be heading to Montréal to participate in the NDP Policy Convention, where the political pundits of Canada will observe Tom Mulcair leading the “dippers” on the road to what many expect will be the formation of the next government of Canada.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, the same pundits will be observing what everyone, just about everyone will be expecting, specifically, the (anti-climax) “coronation” of Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, as leader of the “new” Liberal Party of Canada.

If I had to choose which one I would spend time watching on the tube, if I were at home surfing the channels, watching the Liberals announce the outcome of a process that has taken months, instead of a couple of days, it would be like choosing to watch a rerun of a so-so hockey game. You know the outcome, you know how and when the goals will be scored, and you’d be watching helplessly, somewhat hopelessly expecting something else to happen, like a hack attack on the on-line voteing sysetem. At least then the libs and the dipps would have something in common.

Watching the NDP Policy Convention would at first seem to be a big yawn. Like, policy? Are you kidding me? On a weekend? But the only other channel available is that rerun of a hockey game…

But wait a minute, that policy thing, may have more to it than meets the eye. For one, that guy Mulcair could have a problem on his hands with resolutions that want to take the Party in different directions, or grassroots revolts he can’t control, or, whatever else can’t be controlled within a Party that is notorious for being run by the folks on the floor, and not a bunch of old boys in a backroom. What about that bunch of MPs from Québec, you know, who were practically elected by having the luck to have had their names put on a ballot that was supposed to go…nowhere. Will this gang of Québec MPs prove to be disciplined or undisciplined, in line or out of line. Everybody do the wave…this could prove to be better than a hockey game…with no predicting who will score, at all.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, the corporate media and their pundits will be trumpeting the “great young hope” that will save the day. Save mainly the corporate class from the prospect of a crash and burn Conservative Party that will have no hope in hell of forming the next government (that corporate party is fast drawing to a close), and worst of all, a godless socialist left-wing “tax and spend” NDP that corporations, especially the very profitable ones, will do everything in their power to stop, at all costs. Yes, the corporate media will wax eloquently about how fortunate Canada is to have the great young new face and hair leading those once detested Liberals back to the prospect of forming Canada’s next new government.

Across Canada, Canadians will be taking a look at both Montreal and Ottawa. My money will be riding on the prospect that the people of our great country will not only look, but they will listen. Listen to the ideas and plans coming out of an NDP policy convention. Compare that to the good looks and hair in Ottawa a week ago at the Liberals so-called “National Showcase” event - aka round one of the so-called Liberal Convention, with just a lot of rehashed and recycled same-old, same-old “politics”, and Liberal politics, at that. The National Showcase preceeded the problems with temporaryforeign workers, and if yes, will the Liberals actually call on corporations to stand down and stop their unfair labour practices? Will the Liberals promise to roll back immigration legislation and regulations that will stop the formation of two classes of immigrants from becoming a reality in Canada that increasingly resembles that in the United States?

My bet is that the Liberals this coming weekend will not really call out the big corporations in their misdeeds. Nor will they really denounce the policies that are leading the corporate interest to take precedence over the public interest. Chances are that the Liberals will denounce the Conservatives, and propose themselves as the only alternative, leaving the big and very profitable corporations out of it. In fact, the corporate media, pushing the corporate agenda of their corporate bosses, will probably play the Liberal “coronation” of Justin Trudeau in such a way that could lead to the Liberals becoming the alternative to those darned Conservatives, and hopefully, pushing the NDP back to third place in the polls. The final corporate solution, of course, would be that once again, we all go back to the old “Liberal-Tory, same-old-story” politics. And once elected to government, the Trudeau “comeback” would ensure that the corporate interest, though somewhat slowed down, will continue on its inevitable trek to overcome the public interest.

Meanwhile, back in Montreal, a supposedly boring policy convention could have some unexpected democratic convention floor drama, including delegates who will speak their minds. There could be debates, ideas, arguments, rallies, denunciations, even protests, that could denounce the corporate agenda, as well as the complicit Conservative aiding and abetting of said agenda. In fact, the goings-on in Montreal could include grassroots suggestions on how to stop the omnipresent and incessantly encroaching corporate takeover of society. We could see ordinary Canadians stepping up to say out loud what a lot of Canadians are quietly thinking. That the times, are indeed a-changing. That change, is not really about changing faces (and hair), but changing, and winning, hearts and minds.

I will be mainly watching and participating in what will happen in Montreal this coming weekend. With a perfunctory quick glance at the “Liberal-Tory same old story” that will be taking place in Ottawa. The times are indeed, a-changing. Just watch.

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